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Working of CNC Plasma Cutter

During the Second World War, there was an increase in demand for CNC plasma cutter. One of the best degrees of that time was the combination of electric arc with inert gas which brought a new welding tool into existence. Machines were changed drastically at that time. With this invention, thick metal sheets were cut without any extra efforts. This was much better than what the rest of the welding tools provided.

The properties of plasma made CNC plasma cutter a unique welding tool and offered the best ability to cut metal sheets in no time. There are not three but four stages of matter – gas, liquid, solid and plasma. The last stage is only reached when you are heating the gas to an extensive extent.

Thus, the molecules and the atoms of the gas break into different parts. The nucleus is separated completely from the electrons and everything moves around forcibly. The ions and electronics are collided by the electrons and thus a vast amount of energy is produced.

You can find a number of CNC plasma cutters in different sizes and shapes. They range in various precisions and can control a small machine to a robotic machine. Ever cutter operates in similar fashion. An electrode that is negatively charged is used to pass the pressurized gas. The gas is heated after you see a spark.

The matter reaches at a stage of 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit to become plasma. The metal can be now seen as a molten slag. The arc continuously remains as long as you are providing electrode with power.